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Our Passion is Producing Great Music. Spotify pays an average of $0.003 - $0.0084 USD per Spotify stream. 


That's why we created Real Estate Rockstars, an Initiative to transform multifamily properties in the US to provide social & financial returns. 




We are are part of the Sumrok Foundations since 2017. 



Our Investment Strategy 

  • Focusing Texas Triangle area portfolio on an asset-by-asset basis

  • Class B Multifamily assets with cash flow value-add (hybrid) characteristics 200+ Units

  • Expected Annual Cash on Equity: 12%+ 

  • Expected 5-Year Total ROI: 114%+


7'169 Doors co-invested




Easton Parc is a multifamily property with 232 units located in Sherman, and Texas Townhomes on Peacock Hill is a multifamily property with 211 units located in Houston, Texas.






presidio_extern.1669540482.jpg presidio_intern.1669540493.jpg

02/08/2022: Presidio Apartments, 1500 S Jupiter Rd, Allen, TX 75002, 202 B-Class Units, Value-Add






nashville_outdoor.1669540822.png  nashville_deal_indoor.1669540895.png

14/05/2022: Hickory Hollow Place, Nashville, TN, 276 Units B-Class Value-Add





 missourideal_outdoor_mitpool.1669543061.png missouriindoor.1669542953.png

13/05/2022: Ranch at Sienna Apartments, Missouri City, Texas: 312 Units A-Class Value-Add






chronosportfolio.1669544157.jpg savoyapartments.1669544870.png

30/11/2021 1070 Units (5 Property Portfolio), The Chronos Portfolio


  • Vistas of Pinnacle Park (332 Units, 599 West Davis Street, Dallas, Texas)

  • Savoy of Garland (144  Units, 608 Rowlett Road, Garland, Texas)

  • Huntington Ridge (198 Units, 821 South Polk Street, Desoto, Texas)

  • River Oaks (180 Units, 2000 Country Club Road, Wylie, Texas)

  • Mariposa Villas (216 Units, 1531 Duncanville Road, Dallas, Texas) 





 rosemontexterior.1669544623.jpg rosemontinterior.1669544634.png

23/08/2021: 324 Units, Rosemont On El Dorado, Webster, TX 






westchase1.1669880844.png  westchase_2.1669880850.png

09/06/2021: 1331 Units, The Westchase Portfolio, Houston 

  • 1979-1980 Vintage, B-Class Value-Add

  • 4-property portfolio w/in 5 mins of another

  • 117 Mio USD, 6.6 Mio USD Rehab Budget, 94% Occupied






29/08/2020: Cardone Capital Fund 6 

  • 29/08/2020: 288 Units, 10X Living at Panama City Beach, Florida 

  • 29/08/2020: 531 Units, Columbia Town Center, Columbia, Maryland 

  • 29/02/2020: 360 Units, The Retreat at PCB, Panama City Beach Florida 

  • 29/02/2020: 294 Units, Addison Place, Naples, Florida





raven_1_outdoor_4299-pleasant-run-rd-irving-tx-high-res-24.1670698139.jpg  raven_2_indoor_4299-pleasant-run-rd-irving-tx-high-res-3.1670698161.jpg

21/02/2019: 354 Units, Surround Apartments, 4299 Pleasant Run Road, Irving, TX 75038 






maravilla_inside.1670699166.jpg  maravilla_outdoor.1670699292.jpg

09/11/2018: 310 Units, Maravilla, Ex-Rush Creek 2650 West Northwest Highway, Dallas 






cielo.1670698300.jpg  cielo_1.1670698283.jpg

26/10/2018: 432 Units, Interlace (Cielo Ranch) 3801 Gannon Ln, Dallas, TX 75237






milagro_3.1670700191.jpg  milagro_4.1670700249.jpg

20/09/2018: 67 Units, Milagro Apartments, 3064 Las Vegas Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76116






ravenwood_before.1670701206.jpg dylan_former_raven.1670701224.jpg

21/08/2018: 122 units; Ravenwood Apartments, 2333 Escalante Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112 






villas_garden.1670701581.jpg villas_pool.1670701561.jpg

19/06/2018: 142 Units, Villas Garden; 2730 Fyke Rd, Farmers Branch, TX 75234 (19.06.2018) 






prairie_court_outdoor.1670701905.jpg prairie_court.1670701911.jpeg

30/04/2018: 123 units; Prairie Court/Ex-Carrier Arms 531 S Belt Line Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75051 






silversmith_1.1670702167.jpeg silversmith_2.1670702193.jpeg

16/03/2018: 140 Units, Silversmith Creek Apartments, 7211 Crane Avenue, Jacksonville 






woodland_parks.1670702738.jpg  indoor_woodland.1670702790.jpg

11/03/2018: 48 Units, The Park at Woodlands Apartments, Houston, 7058 W Gulf Bank Rd, Houston, TX 77040






plantation_wichita.1670703047.jpeg  wichita_1.1670703062.jpeg

13/01/2017: 27 Units, The Plantation, 1201 Austin St., Wichita Falls, Texas (failed because of an air loan scammer)






deal_street_1.1670703414.jpeg deal_street_2.1670703425.jpeg

30/12/2016: Triplex, 3830 Deal Street, East Chicago, Indiana (failed because of difficulties due to distance and renovation team. Deceived rent roll, and rough area, tricky tenants)






memphis.1670703609.jpeg  memphis_2.1670703660.jpeg

19/10/2016: Duplex, 1252 Semmes Street, Memphis (failed because of difficulties due to distance, deceived rent roll, ongoing issues with renovations, neighbors stealing newly installed HVAC)






pebble_lake_1.1670703964.jpeg pebble_lake_2.1670703980.jpeg

07/12/2015: Single Family House, 15511 Pebble Lake Drive, Houston Texas






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Marcel T. Rutz investiert sein eigenes Kapital passiv in Mietimmobilien für seine eigenverantwortliche, finanzielle Freiheit. Er ist Co-Autor des Buches "Das System Immobilie" von Thomas Knedel und einer der Hauptredner beim Immopreneur Congress 2017 in Frankfurt und 2016 bei der Property Investor & Homebuyer Show London sowie aktiv und passiv in Podcasts zu hören.